About LGV Trainers


Our History

LGV Trainers stems back to 1968, when NRTT (Northants Road Transport & Training) delivered government funded training to local enterprise, LGV Trainers was created as an off shoot in 1991.

We are based in Northampton, located in the heart of the UK, and home to the largest centres for warehousing and distribution. Here the effects of the LGV driver shortage is most apparent.

We operate a true 7 days a week, 24 hour customer service operation. If you need us at 10pm on Sunday your needs will be attended to. Always pro-active, we’ll respond quickly to your enquiry and ensure your needs and specific requirements are met, in other words.

Among our close contacts in the industry we actively promote newly qualified drivers into work. For successful applicants our training can lead to Employment. LGV Trainers enjoys a very successful LGV test pass rate, offering extras such as post test familiarisation and training programmes.


Efficient and local

Having access to a more efficient and local delivery of licence acquisition tests.

More time for training

Reduced journey times, meaning more training and preparation time.

Increased pass rates

An expected increase in pass rates through enjoying a more familiar Testing Centre, since the site you train on is the same as the site you are tested on. As are the vehicles.

More enjoyable

A more enjoyable experience overall, reducing the emotional build up that many of us suffer from prior to any test.

All year round testing

Access to a well maintained and protected site from the notorious bad winter weather in the UK

Rarely affected by snow, ice and adverse weather

Being reliable in all conditions with surfaces being maintained ensuring the facility is not affected by ice, snow etc.

Familiar test routes

Direct access to the familiar test routes of Northampton

No additional costs

Everything you need to train and take your test is provided in one cost

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