Recently Qualified?

Congratulations on passing – Now become an LGV Driver… You have successfully gained your full LGV licence but still require hands on driver training to improve your skills when unsupervised and faced with commercial LGV driving for real.

We cannot stress enough the importance of our practical “On the job” familiarisation Driver Training Scheme.

Our parent company, The Judith Hearn Agency offers free training and paid work (conditions apply). You will develop your newly acquired standards gained from your LGV training course through practical familiarisation.

Professional drivers (and instructors) who are still active in the transport industry will supervise and develop your current ability and knowledge to a safe and competent level to ensure that when you are going commercially solo, for the first time, you are prepared for it.

LGV Trainers and The Judith Hearn Agency ensure you receive the highest standard of training available from our professional team to enable you to reach DSA test standard and beyond, at all times. You are at the standard of the Driving Standards Agency, it is now time to reach the standard of The Transport Industry.

The Judith Hearn Agency is also proud to be responsible for the delivery of Driver CPC Periodic Training to all drivers employed by the company. All drivers will be progressed through 7 hours training every 12 months (conditions apply). Training programme  was implemented September 2009 in conjunction with the launch of Driver CPC.

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