Conditions of Business - Practical Training

By booking a course or leaving a deposit with LGV Trainers Ltd you are accepting our TERMS AND CONDITIONS below:-

  1. Obligations of the Trainee
  • The Trainee will provide accurate and full information to LGV Trainers Ltd at all times.
  • The Trainee will be in possession of all necessary legal driving documents at all times while undertaking a course.
  • The Trainee will show to the Theory Test centre and DVSA examiner a form of photographic ID, their current driving licence, the correct entitlement and, where appropriate, a valid theory test pass certificate, on the day of their theory or practical driving test. If these conditions are not met the Trainee will fail the relevant test and will forfeit all fees paid to LGV Trainers Ltd in relation to that test.
  • Any delegates attending LGV Trainers Ltd premises including vehicles are required to adhere to any notices or instructions given to them by LGV Trainers Ltd staff. LGV Trainers Ltd does not accept any responsibility for personal belongings or vehicle left on the premises.
  • If the Trainee is considered by LGV Trainers Ltd to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time, the course will be terminated and all relevant fees will be forfeited.
  • Provision of Training
    • A training day typically 4 hours solo and is normally 8am-12pm or 12pm – 4pm unless by prior arrangement. Where required training can be undertaken on dual basis or run over an 8hr day.For the health and safety of both the instructor, trainee and other road users there will be a total of 1 hour breaks in a 8 hour session and 30 mins in a 4 hour session.
  • No estimate or assessment of training time required by a trainee to reach LGV test standard may be considered to be a guarantee that a trainee will pass the test at the end of the suggested training time.
  • Our prime concern throughout all training by the company is to provide the highest possible standard of road safety for the protection of our trainees, the public and our staff. In the event that a trainee is found at any time during the course to be unsuited to further training, we reserve the right to terminate the course. Any training time not taken may then be rescheduled in accordance with the instructor’s recommendation. 
  • Any variation to the joining instructions, course dates, time of attendance etc, made by LGV Trainers Ltd will be notified to the customer. LGV Trainers Ltd will make every effort to ensure the original instructions are complied with. In the event of course / delegate cancellation made by LGV Trainers Ltd every endeavour will be made for the delegate to attend the next available course. All incidents and actions including any money refunds are dealt with promptly and fairly in compliance with the company’s quality processes.
  • Every effort is made to ensure that both the instruction, hand-outs, course notes given are true and correct at the time but LGV Trainers Ltd does not accept any responsibility for error or omissions.
  • Payment Terms, Refunds & Cancellation
    • All driver training, assessments, and tests are payable on receipt of invoice no later than 2 weeks from commencement of training. Any extra training booked during a course must be paid for before the test date. A non-refundable deposit of 20% or £350 whichever is the lowest is required at time of booking unless previously arranged with management.
  • No allowance or refund can be made for cancellation or non attendance of a driver booked on a test or course unless 14 working days notice of cancellation, in writing, has been received by the management, in which case 90% of the remaining training fees (the amount outstanding after deduction of any non-refundable deposits) will be refundable.

Please Note: Dependant upon length of notice practical test fees are not always refundable.

  • If this initial stage of training is satisfactorily completed but our subsequent internal assessment tests reveal that a driver has made insufficient progress to safely attempt the test, we must, in the interests of road safety, reserve the right to cancel the use of our vehicle for that test. In the event of such cancellation, the company will refund the final days training (Test day) fee, but not the practical test fee, and can accept no liability for any other loss caused by such cancellation.
  • Tests booked with the DVLA / DSA by LGV Trainers Ltd on behalf of the Trainee will be subject to the DVLA/ DSA terms and conditions in relation to cancellation and / or refund of any monies paid.
  • If any test cancelled by the DSA for what ever reason outside of the scope of LGV Trainers Ltd then any further training or test cost will be the responsibility of Trainee. Refunds for test cost and training costs incurred cannot be refunded by LGV Trainers Ltd, however a claim to the DSA for the test fee may be successful.
  • Should training time be lost due to weather conditions or vehicle breakdown, we will provide alternative additional time.
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection
    • LGV Trainers Ltd will keep confidential any confidential information which the Trainee supplies to LGV Trainers Ltd in connection with this agreement, with the exception of basic personal details which may be shared with potential employers as part of the placement service provided by LGV Trainers Ltd.
  • LGV Trainers Ltd will be responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal data complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  1. Other terms
    • This agreement is governed by English law. Both LGV Trainers Ltd and the Trainee submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to any dispute concerning this agreement.
  1. Complaints
    • In the unlikely event of your dissatisfaction, complaints must be submitted in writing to the Operations Director, Helena Farmer, who shall deal with them accordingly in line with our internal complaints procedure.

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